Banks and financial entities

Banks and financial entities

Technical due diligence services have been provided supporting various operations for single vessels, new projects and whole fleets.
The assessment of the value of assets, of the progress of projects, the verification of contract terms and associated risks are carried out profiting of the vast experience and exposure to global markets, providing a single reference for all the assistance needed by financial entities in their business.

Our experts can investigate the cause, nature and extent of damages and failures of hull, structures, systems and machinery of all types of ships and yachts.
Through the experience of our Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Master Mariners and Chief Engineers we can report quickly to the interested parties and with respect to the underlying frame of rules, policies and relations.
Root cause analysis is carried out following the requirements of the Principal since the investigation stage, in order to collect the relevant information and evidence.
Analysis of IT records and VDR data complements the field inspections.
Samples of fuel, oils and other fluids, and failed parts of machinery and structures, can be analyzed by independent laboratories to investigate the cause of damages.
Estimated duration and cost of repairs, or loss of hire, are updated continuously in order to allow Principal to reserve the claim properly.

After a proper attendance we can provide Risk Assessments of vessels and management companies in accordance with the recognized JH2006/010 guidelines, as well as any other form or guideline provided by the Client.
Engine Room Management & Machinery Risk Assessment, Condition Survey, Office Management Assessment and Structural Condition Survey can all be carried out in the interest of the Client, with a prompt Recommendation and Follow up reporting for deficiencies which might arise.
The same method is applied to various guidelines and forms as provided by Clients such as P&I Clubs, Charterers, etc.

Several Risk Assessments in accordance with JH143 guidelines have been already carried out in repair and construction shipyards, both for merchant vessels and superyachts, in order to provide Insurers with the proper risk profiles in advance.
Risk Assessment can also be specific for a single activity (such as maintenance and repairs) or for a construction, in case of Builders’ Risk cover.

Pre-purchase condition surveys are not based on a checklist or form, as they have to adapt to the specific needs of the Client and to the condition and characteristics of the vessel.
The thorough inspection of structures, machinery, systems, accessories, logs and records is aimed at providing a complete picture of vessel conditions as well as critical issues, expected capital expenses or opex increase.
It is recommended to couple the survey with Class records inspection, in order to have a view on the past history of the vessel.

The vast and diverse experience of our people is key in assisting interested parties and their lawyers on all technical aspects of ship construction, operations, casualties, accidents and injuries.
Technical knowledge is provided within the legal framework given, in order to pursue the desired results while making arguments understandable for all involved parties.

Complete fleets as well as single projects can be reviewed and analyzed in order to report the associated risks, deficiencies and condition in the perspective of economic and financial stakeholders.
Reports can include comments on projected capex and opex, progress of project, conditions and deficiencies, analysis of risks, review of contracts and supply chain.

We can provide a full package of design review and approval and surveillance of construction of all types of vessel, including superyachts and cruise ships.
Design and construction are scrutinized by a dedicated team against applicable rules, Technical Specification and Contract s in order to guarantee the highest quality of the final product and the best value for the investment.
The experience in claims and litigation of our specialists is supportive in disputes resolution in progress

We can assist in the management of various projects and tasks, including conversions, major repairs, project cargo, technical audits, fleet maintenance review, contract management, etc.